Amulya jeevan II – Life Insurance Policy

The Lic’s plan Amulya Jeevan ii main intension is to take care of your family when you are not around
them. The insurance is essential for most of the people who depend on their children or their
parent; this will be very help full in their absence. This plan enables the features like providing your
children’s education and marriage, medical expenditure of parents, regular income for that family in
your absence. This is a public sector life insurance company which is established to meet the
financial objective of an individual or their family. This Amulya Jeevan ii plan is a pure insurance plan
which assures your family by providing one time lump sum pay out or monthly income to the family
by paying the minimum annual premium.

  1. This Amulya Jeevan ii plan is and 1 crore plan, which is best suits for the persons who are of
    age between 30 to 35 years.
  2. There are many companies with this 1 crore plan but in this Amulya Jeevan ii plan there will
    be of minimum premium.
  3. For entering into this plan one who is interested must have the age criteria of at least 18
    years of age should be completed to participate in this plan. 60 years is the maximum entry
    age for this term. 70 years is the maximum maturity age applicable for life insurance plan.
    Minimum of 25 Lakhs is the sum amount we can claim if any unexpected situations arise.
  4. The interested person must contain the documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, Passport,
    Voter ID, Blood and urine test reports and Photographs as proofs for your age, address,
    health and income proofs. Some benefits are offered by
    Amulya Jeevan ii plan is as below:
    Death Benefits: The Death Benefits that Amulya Jeevan ii plan will prepare mentally the policy
    holder to provide the financial benefits even he/she is not around them. It is only payable to the
    beneficiary only when the policy holder demise during the policy term.
    Tax Benefits: Under section 80C of tax income act, 1961, the policy holders will provide tax free
    We can choose very long term like 35 years of plan. There will be the premium discounts for annual
    mode or high sum assured.

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