Anmol Jeevan ii – Life Insurance Policy

Anmol Jeevan ii is a Lic’s protection plan which is well known as term plan and it gives the financial
protection to the family of the person how has insured. This protection will be applicable only if the
insured person is demise. So in other words it is also called as insurance plan. If the insured person is
expired during the term of policy, then the nominee will get the benefits which are provided for that
insurance plan. As the life itself a uncertainty package, this will protect the family of the insured
person to be alive even though the person in dead. This is how the insurance plan Anmol Jeevan ii is
This Anmol Jeevan plan can be buy in 2 plans. One is Sum Assured i.e. you can choose the minimum
amount which needs to be paid and you can also continue to pay once the minimum is reached. And
the other plan is like Policy Term i.e. you need to choose the period of time for paying this plan

  1. The term can be between 13 to 25 years. By considering your age, amount chooses to pay
    and the policy selected, your annual premium will be decided.
  2. As like other protection policy, this Anmol policy requires the documents like age, identity,
    income proof and address proof of the interested person. For age the birth certificate, for
    dentity proof Aadhaar, PAN Passport or License, for Address proof Passport income
    statement for income proof and also for the health based the medical certificated is to be
    LIC Anmol Jeevan ii Benefits:-
    There will be a large cover for inexpensive premiums. And the life will cover the amount between
    RS. 6 to RS. 24 Lakhs. There will also provide the following benefits.
    Death Benefits: The sum of amount you paid will be provided to the nominee on the death Life
    insured during the policy term.
    Maturity Benefits: As this is a pure protection plan, maturity benefits will not be provided.
    Income Tax Benefits: Under section 80C, Life insurance paid up to 1 lakh i.e. 1, 00,000 is not
    deducted under the tax.

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