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Skymind raises $11.5M to introduce deep learning to new enterprises

Skymind, a Y Combinator-incubated AI platform that aims to create deep learning a lot of accessible to enterprises, these days proclaimed that it’s raised associate degree $11.5 million Series A spherical semiconductor diode by TransLink Capital, with participation from ServiceNow, Sumitomo’s fort Ventures, UpHonest Capital and GovTech Fund. With this, the corporate has currently raised a complete of $17.9 million in funding.

The inclusion of TransLink Capital offers a touch on however the corporate is getting to use the funding. one amongst TransLink’s specialties helps entrepreneurs develop customers in Asia. Skymind believes that it’s a significant chance therein market, therefore having TransLink lead this spherical makes a great deal of sense. Skymind additionally plans to use the spherical to make out its team in North America and fuel client acquisition there.


“TransLink is that the good lead for this spherical, as a result of they acumen to create connections between North America and Asia,” Skymind chief executive officer Chris Nicholson told ME. “That’s wherever the foremost growth is globally, and there are a lot of potential synergies. We’re additionally very excited to own strategic investors like ServiceNow and Sumitomo’s fort Ventures backing the US for the primary time. We’re already collaborating with ServiceNow, and Skymind software system is going to be a part of some powerful new technologies they roll out.”

It’s no secret that enterprises grasp that they need to adapt AI in therefore kind however are battling determining the way to do so. Skymind’s tools, together with its core SKIL framework, enable knowledge scientists to make workflows that take them from ingesting the information to improve it up, coaching their models and golf stroke them into production. The promise here is that Skymind’s tools eliminate the gap that always exists between the information scientists and IT.

“The 2 massive opportunities with AI ar higher client experiences and a lot of potencies, and each are supported creating smarter choices regarding knowledge, that is what AI will,” aforementioned Nicholson. “The main forms of knowledge that touch enterprises ar text and statistic knowledge (think net logs or payments). therefore we have a tendency to see a great deal of demand for natural-language process and for predictions around streams of knowledge, like logs.”

Current Skymind customers embody the likes of ServiceNow and telephone service company Orange, whereas a number of its technology partners that integrate its services into their portfolio embody Cisco and SoftBank.

It’s price noting that Skymind is additionally the corporate behind Deeplearning4j, one amongst the foremost well-liked ASCII text file AI tools for Java. the corporate is additionally a significant contributor to the Python-based Keras deep learning framework.

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